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Magnet Football  Schedule from Graphic Specialties, Inc. and the NFL Magnetic Football Schedules of all 32 Teams

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EQP (end quantity price) less 10% on 300 or more
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PF Series
100 - 200 pieces
.48 each less 10%
300 to 10,000 pieces
.29 each less 10%

 All Magnetic Football Schedules Include:

  • Football Schedule features NFL team and area college team schedule on front with Monday Night Football and Sunday Night Schedule on back.
  • Complete list of event dates, locations, starting times, and TV coverage.
  • The top of the schedule is an adhesive Business Card Magnet.
  • Dates and times on all schedules are subject to change without notice.
  • To personalize your football schedule magnet, simply peel off the adhesive liner and
    attach your paper business card to the top

  • Overall size: including magnet is 3.5" X 9"
  • Schedule fits #10 envelope
  • Mails for 1 oz. rate
  • Shipping weight is 4lbs. per 100
  • Shipping: additional cost outside the 48 continental US states

EQP (end quantity price) on 300+
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